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Silver was having a surprising amount of fun with his partner. He’d expected the entire project to be a vexation since he was stuck with the loud boy, but the more time he spent with him the more he discovered they had in common. They were both very eager to begin pokemon training and despite Ethan’s lack of common sense in Silver’s opinion, he was brilliant when it came to pokemon statistics and information, which was going to make the written portion of the assignment simple. They decided to start with the model since it would take the most time, and now a little over an hour in, all they had made was a mess of paper mache and glue on Ethan’s kitchen table.
He had to admit he was slightly surprised by the lack of super vision. He could never find a moment of peace at the mansion without Petrel, Ariana, Proton, or Archer breathing down his neck, this was exceedingly freeing. Ethan’s house was small and quaint, terribly bare in comparison to everything Silver had known, but Ethan seemed witlessly proud of it. He’d pompously pointed out every curtain and childhood portrait of himself and his trio that adorned the small home. While they had prepped their project Ethan had explained how Kris lived next door and Lyra lived across the street since the days they were born and had been best friends for just as long.
“It’s so cool that you moved here! I used to just stare at the ceiling when Lyra and Kris started with “girl talk”. There’s this corner in the living room where the stucco look like a Charizard. I’m super duper excited to have a boy friend!” Ethan spurted randomly as he buried his arms up to his elbows in glue.
Silver, who had been in the midst of washing his hands turned angrily towards the other boy with his face lit up as red as his hair “I’m not your boyfriend!”  
“Oh yeah,” Ethan scratched his head with his gluey hands as he considered the phonetically double meaning. “You’re my guy friend, and you’re Lyra’s boyfriend.”
“WHAT?” Silver turned to full face Ethan now, too embarrassed to remember his hands were still dripping wet.
“Well, Kris is my girlfriend, so that mean you and Lyra have to date now.” He explained logically.
“Well, Kris still doesn’t realize we’re dating, but-“
“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.”
“Well it’s close enough.”

Lyra proudly carried her molding clay model of a Cyndaquil to dry on Kris’ back patio. “When can I start painting?” The brunette called over her shoulder to her friend inside.
“AT LEAST an hour. “ Kris cried without looking up from the concluding paragraph of their nearly finished their research report. She was seated at her kitchen table with the essay neatly laid out in front of her. The duo worked exceedingly well together, Kris could write the best essays in minutes and Lyra’s creative skills made A+ projects.  
Lyra sighed dramatically and trudged back inside. “Maybe we can go see how Ethan and Silver are doing.” She suggested plopping down next to her friend.
“They probably haven’t even started on their project yet, we’d only distract them.” Kris replied.
Lyra crawled onto the table in between Kris and her papers. “You don’t know that, maybe Silver is a really fast worker like you.”
Kris rolled her eyes. “No matter how good Silver is no one can work efficiently with Ethan.” She pushed her friend out off of the furniture with a laugh. “Or you, I bet if I was working with Silver I would be finished by now.”
“But you work the best with Ethan!” she objected. “You’re the only one who can make him work!” Lyra dramatically waved her arms. “Cause you’re the princess to his prince.”
Kris made a strange strangled noise. “What?”
“Yeah, you two are like DESTINED to be together” Lyra explained while twirling around until she ran into the refrigerator. “Ow.”
“Come on Lyra I don’t think-“
“It’s so romantic. It’s like a fairytale”
Kris sighed finishing off the essay and pushing it aside. She resigned herself to Lyra’s crazy babbling, when the brunnete latched onto a fantasy, nothing could shake it. “Then what does that make you?”
“I…” she glanced around and her eyes landed on the broom in the corner. “I’m the witch!”
Kris laughed out right. “Aren’t witches evil?”
Lyra ran to the broom. “Not all witches! I’m a good witch.”  She climbed onto the table before Kris could stop her. “I fly everywhere and help the kingdom!”
“LYRA! Get down before you fall!””
“I’m not gonna- AHHHH!” Lyra jumped off the table with the broom still in hand.
“AHHHH!” Kris screamed as well, for a moment thinking she had actually fallen.
But Lyra landed safely back on the kitchen tile. “Ha! Got you!” Lyra poked her friend with the broom.
The blunette dropped her head to the table with a sigh of relief and frustration. While Lyra laughed at her expense Kris’s eyes fell on the paints waiting for their sculpture to dry. A careful hand slid over to the jar of red paint and to fingers dipped into the colorful mixture. The oblivious brunette still hadn’t noticed and finally took a seat at the table, only to get red paint flicked in her face.
The shocked look on her face left Kris in a hysterical fit, until green paint splattered on her new shorts.
“You are going down!”
The hour passed in a colorful mess and in the end, they were better painted than their Cyndaquil.
Took forever for this to be updated sorry, but anyway, elementary kids understanding of dating is too cute. :iconpervygoldplz:

I'm supposed to be writing personal statements for college :iconrazycryplz:

Sequel to these in my little elementary school Au series
Long Ride Home
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